This should be the first consideration in the selection of e-liquids. We have so many, but vapor production, VG, and nicotine strength are among the best. There is no way you are going to vape if you do not like the smoke. In fact, it is against the rules of vaping. If you do not like it, do not vape it. E liquids come in all types of flavors from, cocktails, fruit, foods and tobacco blends.

best E liquid flavorsBeginners mainly start with tobacco blends which match their current cigarette brand. Realizing this, manufacturers mimic the taste of popular cigarette brands in the e-liquids. After some time, they will grow adventurous and start trying food and fruit flavors. We have all types of flavors in this category, for foods we have, pizza, wafer or cake while in fruits we have mango, watermelon, grapes or even mix blends.
My advice to newbies is that, start with the flavors you are most comfortable with, then explore the rest one at a time as time goes by.

Nicotine Strength

After you are now sure of the flavor, choose your preferred nicotine strength. Nicotine levels vary in strength. It important that you choose the right nicotine levels. If you choose little, you will be forced to vape more; if you go for too much, it will give you headaches. It is advisable to start with medium strength and take the necessary increase or decrease depending on how you feel after that. Ensure that the liquid used is purchased from genuine nicotine wholesalers.

PG and VG

The base solution of e-liquids is made of Propylene Glycol (PG) or Vegetable Glycerol (VG) or both. PG gives more flavor but less vapor. VG is more viscous, gives a sweet taste and produces a lot of vapor. Due to the difference in vape quality, manufacturers produce flavors in PG, VG or a combination but in varying ratios.


E liquids, different flavorsThe various number of flavors of the E-liquids can be overwhelming even for experienced vapers. Try to taste all the flavors before making a huge purchase. Testing gives you firsthand experience of what to expect. You do not want to stock a certain flavor only to realize that you do not like it. Many stores offer customers to try. However, this is not the case with online stores. Before you start buying online, you must be sure of the flavor you love most.

Tips on How to Choose the Best E-Liquid
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