Cavities or tooth decays are the destruction of tooth structure and the enamel layers of your tooth. There are so many factors that could cause early cavities, such as poor oral health, eating so many sugary foods and a lot more. These bacterias cling with salivas which form into plagues that stays in your teeth. But worry not, here we have listed several simple tips on how to prevent and fight back cavities.

sundaeAvoid sugary foods

We’re not asking you to eliminate sugary foods from your diet, cake or a cookie every now and then is fine, but make sure you’re not overeating those sweet treats. These desserts can cause you to strip away your enamel, which is something that can cause cavity and tooth decay.

Tip: if your sweet tooth is driving you crazy, try to eat sugarless candies or xylitol gums. If you have to drink soda, use a straw to drink it, using a straw will help your teeth avoiding the liquid on getting direct contact, which could cause acid to corrode your teeth while also letting bacteria to grow.


Brush and floss

This step is another no-brainer, everyone knows that you need to brush twice a day to prevent bacterias from growing. But another tip is to floss at least once a day to get the dirt and gunk out from the corner of your teeth, as sometimes your toothbrush might not get into every nooks and cranny.

dentistSeek for professional help

In case you already experience cavities or tooth decaying don’t wait any longer and consult to a licensed dentist. They can help you with a prescription toothbrush and also give you dental sealants which can prevent bacterias to get in your teeth. If you live in Los Angeles and are looking for a dentist, consider checking out endodontist Baton Rouge, which is a certified dentistry. Not just for professional procedures but you can also go to a dentist for cleanings and oral exam, which is suitable for monitoring your oral health.

Mouthwash to the rescue

toothbrush toothpaste
Nowadays people are so busy, and I understand that you might not have the time to brush or floss your teeth. And this is where mouthwash will help, all you need to do is gargle mouthwash for a minute before you go, simple and another right way to combat germs from growing into cavities in your teeth. Make sure you get mouthwash with an antiseptic ingredient to help you fight off bacteria.

Prevent cavities with these simple tips
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