Genital warts can clear on their accord. However, adults who have this infection are always having trouble waiting for them to clear; they feel uncomfortable hence preferring treatment. There is no particular medication for treating genital warts in adults. Even with most standard treatment methods, warts are slow to heal, and appearance of new warts is common. Patients find this disease frustrating because even after healing, warts can recur, hence requiring medical attention each time. Adults can seek treatment each time the infection resurfaces.

Why are Genital Warts Frustrating?skin care

Genital warts infection is a complex disease, which does not respond to treatment. Adults with genital warts will be frustrated to hear that there is no evidence of medical care that can alter the natural course of the disease. Worse still, treatment attempts do not reduce infectivity. Fortunately, there are natural products that can bring this situation under control. Besides, if there is no attempt for treatment, warts can increase in size and number or remain unchanged, but they will eventually disappear.

What are the Common Methods that Attempts to Treat Genital Warts?

Treating genital warts require a course of therapy rather than a single treatment method. Depending on the area of infection, warts on dry skin are treated using liquid nitrogen. Treating warts on dry skin use method called cryotherapy. This method involves using liquid nitrogen to freeze abnormal cells. Conization procedure involves the use of cone biopsy to remove abnormal cells from dry skin areas. Topical paints such as trichloroacetic acid and creams are applied on warts that grow in moist skin surfaces.

Other modern methods that attempt to treat genital warts include laser therapy aimed at burning abnormal cells and loop electrosurgical excision procedure that attempts to remove abnormal cells using the electric current.

The New Hope

wartsEven though most people claim there is no remedy for genital warts. The good news is that this disease can be cleared using a product known a Wartrol from It has been on the market for a couple of years, and positive reviews from customers have ascertained that it indeed helps. Attempts to treat the infections can also yield positive results, and most importantly, the availability of the vaccine against human papillomavirus greatly reduces the infection rate. The currently available vaccines include Cervarix, Gardasil-9, and Gardasil.

Expert Advice

Even though treating genital warts in adults show positive results, patients should be aware that the virus that causes this disease does not clear from the skin. Warts may disappear, but patients almost remain permanently infectious of HPV virus. The nature of the HPV virus and genital warts call for a high level of responsible intimacy among sexual partners.

Treating Genital Warts in Adults