The risk of contracting contagious infections is great in urban areas. There are various medical devices to combat it, and knowing their correct use will allow good health. N95 masks are a perfect example. They protect you from inhaling cough or sneeze droplets from an infected person.

N95 mask The N95 mask is highly recommended during this coronavirus pandemic due to the following reasons.

Preventing Contact Transmission

When we sneeze, we produce an effect similar to that of a spray. It is an involuntary and sudden movement in which we spread drops or very small air, saliva, and nasal discharge particles. These droplets transmit infectious agents and spread pathogens through contact with other people, so it is necessary to use protective equipment.

face maskThe device to take care of this type of transmission is the N95 mask or face mask, a tool that can be used before and during an illness. It will prevent the acquisition of a bacteria or virus. The N95 mask offers an actual cover at the nose and mouth level to keep you protected against contaminants. It minimizes exposure to fluids from an infected person.

There are different types of masks, and each one is used for various purposes beyond bacteria, as they also serve when exposed to certain liquids. However, either should be used only once and then discarded.

Preventing Air Transmission

Infections can be transmitted through the air when the patient speaks (saliva), sneezes, or coughs. However, infectious agents (with an approximate measurement of five microns) remain suspended in the environment for long periods. This is the case in coronavirus.

respirator maskThe protection to be used in this case is the N95 disposable respirator. When the user inhales, the respirator filters out airborne particles, including dust, viruses, and bacteria, functioning as an air purifier. According to health agencies, the N95 can filter at least 95% of particles that penetrate easily. There are two types of respirators whose main difference lies in the possession or lack of an exhalation valve.

The one with a valve reduces the sensation of suffocation through and opening that allows the entry and exit of oxygen. Its use is not recommended in areas where there is a high risk of coronavirus. This is disposable and for personal use. If used on different occasions, it must be inspected to ensure that it does not present any rupture because the outside of the respirator could be contaminated, so it should only be touched at the straps’ ends.

Why N95 Masks are the Most Sought After During this Pandemic
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