If you have just taken an interest in the world of SUP (stand-up paddle boarding) and planning to buy your very own paddle board, then you must bear in mind a few simple issues that would be helpful in letting you choose the ideal one. Remember, stability is not everything, and you must also look into the further subdivisions like solidaritSUPy and steadiness.

While there are a lot of brands that are supposedly selling their version of inflatable SUPs, asking yourself the right questions can help you distinguish between what to look for in the perfect board and what to avoid.

Buying the best inflatable SUPs

As a beginner, here are the three essential things that you should check on before choosing a paddle board for yourself.


Because you are just starting out, you can pretty much have fun with an SUP of any dimension, be it 10 x 30 x 4 or even larger. Attaining stability is the most important factor here, which mainly depends on the extent of motion and rocking that you will experience side to side while standing on this board. Length, width, and thickness all play their respective roles and determine the overall volume of the SUP.

Maximum weight support

You will find a broad range of paddle boards that offer individual weight limits to accommodate people of all shapes and sizes. There are also paddle boards that are meant to support more than one person and are made of durable material that makes for a good amount of volume. Even though there is no ideal extent of weight that a paddle board can support, it all comes down to your purpose of buying such an item.

Standard versus inflatable SUP

 paddle boardsNever underestimate the weight of paddle boards because the regular ones weigh quite on the heavier side and can prove to be a hassle to carry around. You may have to use up all your strength to bring this board into the water body from your vehicle. Inflatable boards, on the other hand, offer greater mobility as they can be inflated on the spot where it is required.

Where to go shopping?

Whether you decide to shop online or visit the market yourself, keep an eye out for the brand name to ensure that you get the maximum value for money. A quick Internet research about the best inflatable SUPs should tell you what brands to go for and which ones that do not live up to expectations. So, make your choice carefully and enjoy exercising on the waves with your newfound toy.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying an Inflatable SUP