When the pandemic started, there was a lot of confusion about wearing masks. A year on, there are still misgivings about face masks. For instance, which mask will give you the best protection? There are cloth masks, medical procedure masks, and KN95 masks. Thanks to the online world, anyone can order KN95 masks from https://dmbsupply.com/collections/kn95-masks.

While simply wearing any mask is better than going without, there are tips to consider. Here are the things to consider when buying KN95 face masks.

Prioritize the Fit

When buying a face mask, it is advisable to go for one that fits snugly across your face. It should not be too loose, forcing you to keep it in place every so often. With a KN95 face mask, go for one that covers your mouth and nose leaving no gaps. You can also look for one that is easily adjustable.

Studies have found that going with a mask that has multiple layers is more effective. N95 masks ought to be multi-layered so that they can filter out disease particles, as well as dust and pollution.

However, keep in mind that multiple layers may make it harder to breathe. So, you need not pair your KN95 mask with another mask.


Consult Your Healthcare Provider

As the name suggests, KN95 masks can filter up to 95 percent of impurities and germs in the air. While this is more effective and functional compared to others, there is its downside. It can be a tad harder to breathe with, especially for those with pre-existing respiratory conditions. It also may not be ideal for pregnant women and people with heart conditions. So, before going for a KN95 mask, ensure to consult your doctor if it is safe for you.


Choose One That Is Stylish and Functional

It does not hurt to consider a mask that will complement your outfits. Given that we might have to put on masks for a while, they are slowly becoming ways of making a fashion statement. Do not shy away from a good-looking one.

The World Health Organization and the CDC have released the standards that a KN95 mask should meet. Be sure to look through the requirements and go for a quality mask that will give you the protection you need.



Having an excellent quality face mask has slowly become a necessity in recent times. One such mask is the KN95 mask that has medical certification to offer ample protection with its multi-layers. There are so many available so this article has highlighted tips you need to consider when buying one.

Go for a tight fit, one with enough layers, and meets the set requirements. It also does not hurt going for a stylish one.

Tips to Consider When Buying Face Masks
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